Program Highlights

Bal-Mukund Character Building Program is designed with a focus on imbibing the KRIPALU values in children through various learning activities that include :

  • Shloka Recitation

  • Value-based Stories
  • Introduction to Yoga Pranayama and Meditation

  • Learn Prayers and Bhajans

  • Overview of Vedic Scriptures

  • Indian festivals and their significance

  • Games, Quiz and Fun Activities

  • Storytelling & Creative Thinking

  • Art Submissions

Student Motivation & Awards

To promote positive behaviours and motivate children, the below awards are given semester wise.

  • Best student of the Semester

  • BAL RATNA – Best Student of the year


  • Structured Curriculum & Roadmap

  • Age-Appropriate Books

  • Fun & Enjoyable Learning Environment

  • Experienced Teachers & Instructors

Online Program

Bal-Mukund curriculum in India is a well-designed 5 – year program focused on continuous development in Children. This online program is divided into 2 semesters.